“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”
Psalms 119:150-King James Bible
Welcome to Light From The Lamp, the online web outreach of Blessed Assurance Baptist Ministries! Thank you for visiting today. It is my hope and prayer that you are blessed and encouraged through this work of The Lord!
Light From The Lamp originally began in 2006 as a Bible Study / Devotional. At that time, it was available through standard postage. Then, in 2007 we began sending it to E-Mail addresses along with standard postage mail. God greatly used this to be an encouragement and blessing to many. Along side this ministry was The Blessed Assurance Radio Broadcast which aired 3 years on a local AM station in Chattanooga. Through both of these ministries, God laid it upon my heart in December 2009 to merge the two into one to be more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission. I thank the Lord for His wisdom and guidance during the construction for this website. Many thanks to Brother John Dotson for instruction and advise many times by telephone.

Without apology, Light From The Lamp Is an Old-Fashioned, Independent, Fundamental (Unafilliated), Baptist ministry. To learn more about the doctrinal position of this ministry, please click on the DOCTRINAL STATEMENT tab on the left menu.

The purpose for this website is threefold: To SHINE the Gospel Light to this lost world so people may see and know the truth. To SOUND aloud the Infalible and Interrent Word of God through Old-Time Preaching. To STAND firmly upon the final authority of God's Word and it's Eternal Truth. My prayer and hope is this site will be a blessing as you walk with the Lord and grow in His Grace.

This site is dedicated to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, my loving wife Wendy and son Joel and to all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am blessed to be apart of the family of God!

Thanks again for visiting Light From The Lamp today. To contact me, please click on the email link at the bottom of this page.

Because Of Calvary,

Dr. Craig Westbrook, Evangelist
Blessed Assurance Baptist Ministries
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Sermon Series By:
Evangelist Craig Westbrook
“Red Alert - The Attack Of The Adversary”
(Preached At Old Bethel Baptist Church In Chickamauga GA, May 2011)

The Attack On The Gospel Of God - (Message 1)
The Attack On The Grace Of God - (Message 2)
The Attack On The Goodness Of God - (Message 3)
The Attack On The Glory Of God - (Message 4)
Revival Sermon by
Evangelist Craig Westbrook
(Preached At Teloga Baptist Church, Trion GA)
“I Know He Will Be With Me”

Special Song By The Westbrook Family

“I’m Glad It’s That Way”